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If our society is to survive for centuries to come we must combat the poison that some factions feed our children. Young minds must be shaped, not corrupted in the way too many nations of the world contaminate their next generations. Our educators are in the front lines of this battle as should all patriotic groups. One of the purposes of the American Legion National High School Oratoricial Contest states- "****the preparation for acceptance of the duties and reponsibilities, the rights and privileges of American Citizenship."

This is an essay, this webmaster's granddaughter penned for her 8th. Grade English Class in the Gleason School near McKenzie, Tennessee. It's very evident that her teachers and parents are instilling the proper values. Send me your student's patriotic essay and photo and they will be published on this page.

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The All American Dream
BY Amanda Kline

America is, to me, something George Washington, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Marilyn Monroe all had in common, have you figured it out yet? It's a dream. Washington's dream of a new nation, King's dream of equality, and Monroe's dream of fame were all American. To me, America is a land of dreams.
America has been dreaming from the very beginning and, as a strong nation, has been able to plow though the obstacles standing between her and the aspirations of her people.

Her citzens for this reason, this sense of freedom, love America. What they want, they know they can achieve when they are under the bald eagle's great wing and behind the lady of freedom herself. America is the land of opportunity, but that opportunity has to be stirred up with some sort of vision. Once that vision is clear, the sky's the limit when it comes to reaching that goal.

Many immigrants coming to America know of the freedom available and without the goverment telling them what thoughts should be in their heads or who they should be. In countries like that, a dream is only a small hope, a tiny glimmer of light that is soon crushed by the heavy boot of totalitarianism. America is not like that, for not only the masses, the common people, have dreams, but the nation's leaders do, too, making America a land of achievement and democracy. It's a republic where the people are just as important as the goverment.

Growing up with the knowledge of being in a country that allows us to have our little dreams, we often take for granted all we are allowed. We forget that, in pursuing the liberties we have today, people have had to fight in the name of the United States of America. Many people have died in the fight for the fulfillment of their own and their country's dreams, and others, more than likely, will follow in their footsteps. Those are the people that work hard to see their dreams come true with the stubborn pride we Americans are known for.

America is fueled on dreams. We are a beacon of hope and freedom of mind for many people. Who do we have to thank for these wonderul traits? Why, her people, of course, and the one and only God. Without their support, the American leaders wouldn't have been able to raise our country up this much. Without God, the first European settlers, the Pilgrims, would have had no dream to follow, and no reason to seek refuge in a new country. How that country grew! It is now a place where the dreams of a child are just as big as the dream of an adult. So, in conclusion, I say, God bless America and all her dreamers.