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[Auxiliary Emblem]
[Shari Caldwell]
Auxiliary President - Shari Caldwell
Auxiliary Officers
Vice President - Amy Bressert
Treasurer - Lisa Downey
Sgt-At-Arms - Robin Cleeter, Kelly Seevers,
Corresponding/Recording Secretary - Lana Melton
Chaplin - Sandy Weiss

[SAL Emblem]
[Mark Huber]
SAL Commander
Mark Huber

Bar Tenders

Judy Anderson

Barb Miller

Becky Fryman

[Connie Ryan]
Connie Ryan

Club Room Hours

11:00AM - ?
Saturday and Sunday
12:00PM - ?
Closing time is determined by lack of crowd.
Kitchen is open at 11 AM through the week and Noon on Saturday.
Kitchen is closed on Sunday

New Friday Night Drawing Rules
First Draw - 7:00

Up to $600.00

Second Draw - 7:30
When Needed