Color Guards Of The Past

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"The Post Color Guard goes back to the very beginnings of the post.
A lot of good folks have come and gone over the years and many of the men that had served on the Color Guards from the 70's on and almost all of them from the 40's thru the 60's are no longer among us. I dedicate these pages to their memory."

Past Color Guards Page One Past Color Guards Page Three Past Color Guards Page Four Present Color Guard

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Pages One and Two are from the 40's, 50's and 60's when the boys were returning home from WW11 and Korea swelling the ranks of the Post and the Color Guard.
Pages Three and Four are from the 70's to the present.

Please look at the photos and have a friend or family member that might have been acquainted with these gentlemen look at them, too.

Any help in identifying these men will be appreciated. Submit Information