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Color Guards
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The three rifle volleys fired at a military funeral is often confused with a 21-gun salute.
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[John Utter]
John Utter

[Tom Fehrman]
Tom Fehrman

[Dave Jones]
Dave Jones

[Nelson Elliot]
Nelson Elliot

Nelson Elliot is always there to help us. Between playing "Taps" for us and all the other veteran groups in the area he attends more military funerals than the rest of us. He will always have our gratitude.
[Soldier] [Bugler and Flag] [Sailer]

Due to occupation or illness, very few of us can attend events 100% of the time, but this is the group of gentlemen that are called upon to fall in and stand in the hot sun, cold wind, snow and rain to preform Military Honors for our departed comrades or any of the other ceremonies involving a Color Guard and Firing Squad.

[Nelson, Bugler] [Color Guard] [Color Guard]

[Paul Moore]
Paul Moore

[Bill Cutter]
Bill Cutter

[Donald Stano]
Donald Stano

[Cris Morehead]
Cris Morehead

[Rick Vastine]
Rick Vastine

[Steve Krzynowek]
Steve Krzynowek

[George Niemeyer]
George Niemeyer

[Dave Rodgers]
Dave Rodgers

[Ronald Stano]
Ronald Stano

Ron Heffelmire
Ron Heffelmire

[Gene Huntington]
Gene Huntington

[Kenny Cash]
Kenny Cash

[Bruce Fiscus]
Bruce Fiscus

[Jim Beach]
Jim Beach

[Robert Buckhorst]
Robert Buckhorst

Dave Lade
Dave Lade

[John Race]
John Race

Ron Amm
Ron Amm

[Bob Goodpaster]
Bob Goodpaster

[Mike Holland]
Mike Holland